S.O.S (Stop Oily Skin) Summer Survival Skin Tips

Over Summer as the temperature increases so does our skin’s oil flow. This combined with sweat, an increase in sunscreen use and the wrong skincare can leave you in an oily mess, help! Here come the breakouts!!


Our Dermal Clinician’s Lana & Yasmine, aka skin experts, have over 40 years experience and are all too familiar with how changes in the weather can wreak havoc on your skin and catch you by surprise. A change in season is a breath of fresh air, however Summer brings with it long, hot days and strong breezes. The solution to ensure you make it through Summer without the sun damage is a few simple changes to your skincare ritual. Rest assured, with our high performance skincare and skin secrets, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors and love your skin this season.


A little bit of sunshine (and I mean a very little – incidental even) exposure over Summer can do the world of good for acne prone skin types because you see pimples are caused by bacteria and bacteria does not like the sun. But it’s a double edged sword, because we become more active over the Summer months, sweat more, touch our faces more, wear hats and sunglasses that rub on our skin and then to top it all off wear sunscreen every single day (this you should be doing anyway might I just say), which can all lead to more pimples.

So to avoid congested skin and pimples – just become a hermit in a climate controlled environment and you’ll be fine…ummm probably not. So instead of hibernating all Summer long in the quest for clear skin, introduce these oil mopping, bacteria fighting, pore reducing skincare products into your routine and you’ll be singing “here comes the sun, do do do do, here comes the sun and I said, it’s alright da da da da…”’.

However consumer be aware, these products contain active ingredients designed to exfoliate congested skin, kill bacteria and slow oil flow, naturally making these products super exfoliating. So don’t go crazy on these potent packed, bacteria killing products, take it slow and listen to your skin as when your skin is shedding it’s natural protective barrier is impaired making your skin more at chance of getting burnt. 


Skincare To Stop Breakouts (aka anti-bacterial skincare).

The best place to start fighting those infected pimples is with Aspect’s Jungle Brew Serum and Stop Spot treatment, combining tea tree, salicylic and a blend of Amazonian plant extracts that reduces redness, irritation and bacteria to gently calm and fight infected breakouts. If after 2 weeks you still feel your breakouts are ruling your life, then adding in Cosmedix Purity Balance toner and Clear Deep Cleansing Mask to your skincare ritual will give those breakouts the boot.

And nothing stops, heals and prevents breakouts like our portable High Frequency device. Do as our skin experts and clients do and get onto it STAT. Discover more about this in-clinic at-home device here.




Skincare To Exfoliate Away The Clog.

Hero ingredient salicylic acid cuts through oil and combined with other skin loving acids and oils like tea tree and peppermint will penetrate deep into those clogged pores and clean them out. Lana recommends first swapping out your Autumn cleanser to Société’s AHA Exfoliating Cleanser. And as most pimples don’t like to be scrubbed with granular exfoliants (scrubs sinply spread the bacteria over your skin, creating more breakouts, Ahhh!), opt for Yasmine’s must-have product, Société’s Clear Skin Boosting Pads as your bi-weekly exfoliant.




Skincare To Mop Up Oil & Shrink Those Open Pores.

Clays, salicylic acid and vitamin A will become your best friend, and don’t be so quick to throw your hands up and say “I don’t like vitamin A!” Please understand that many product companies use cheap unrefined versions of vitamin A, which are known to cause retinoid reactions; a red rash that is hot, itchy, lumpy and causes your skin to become highly reactive and angry, so yes we understand why many people shy away from vitamin A. Lana and Yasmine only recommend refined, high tech vitamin A’s such Retinaldehyde, omni-some encapsulated retinol and gran-active retinoid products which are less likely to cause irritation and rashes.
Yasmine recommends Cosmedix Clarity Skin Clarifying Serum as it contains vitamins A and B, salicylic acid and
Pregnenolone. This multi-functional serum not only interrupts the hormone that increases oil production within the pores but also shrinks enlarged pores. For a pregnancy friendly version, try Spaceuticals Super Proof B3 Serum, a powerful combination of 15% niacinamide and HLA nurtures the skin whilst slowing the oil flow. Finally adding in Société’s Deep Thermal Cleanser to supplement your cleansing ritual 2-3 times a week, the self heating clays mop up excess oils like no other cleanser.




A Sunscreen That Loves Your Face

Oily skins and sunscreen don’t get along, and even skins that normally don’t experience breakouts can find the increase in sunscreen use start congesting their skin! Swap it over for Clairderm’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, extra light lotion, plus it’s SPF 50+ so you know your protected, Clairderm Daily Defence Lotion SPF 50+ Sunscreen.


There are so many amazing skincare products that we have for all the many facets of pimple prone skins, however it’s a precise balancing act between not exfoliating your skin too much and feeding it with the right nutrients but not clogging it. Yasmine and Lana strongly recommend anyone struggling with their problematic skin to book in for an Online Skincare Consultation and within no time the skin experts at Must-have Skincare will have you loving the skin you’re in. 




Written by Yasmine & Lana – Cosmetic Dermal Therapists

Our Dermal Clinician’s Yasmine & Lana, aka skin experts, have over 40 years combined experience and for more than a decade they have been helping people transform their skin from their Melbourne skin clinic, The Aesthetic Lounge. Their results driven treatments, expert advice and high performance skincare is why their clients choose and trust them.
With their insider skin secrets, discover how you can achieve good skin days.

“incase you didn’t know – skin is their obsession”