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Mira’s Hand Original Kessa Mit


Say NO to ingrown hairs, rough body skin, and patchy tans and HELLO! to your smoothest, softest most glowing body skin in just 15 minutes!

The Moroccan Hammam kessa mitt will give your body an exfoliation like no other. Your skin will feel alive, as its circulation is invigorated, oxygenated and your lymphatic circulation is enhanced to remove dry, dead skin build up that can cause ingrown hairs and keratosis pilaris. Reveal beautiful, smooth glowing body skin with this unique and easy to use exfoliating mitt.

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How do I use this in my skincare ritual?


*Please note this is a body only product and is not intended for use on the delicate face or neck area.
Do not use any body lotions or oils prior to your exfoliation. Prepare the exfoliating glove by soaking it in warm water. If you have heating or heat lamps in your bathroom crank them up. Let the warm water in your bath or shower run to steam your bathroom for a good 5 minutes. Take a shower or bath and let the steam and water soften your skin. Slowly and gently scrub your body in a back and forth motion with the glove (never in a circular motion) and watch as your dead skin rolls off! Your skin will feel alive and become red and tingle as the circulation and the lymphatic circulation is enhanced. Rinse your glove and skin with water. Pat skin dry and apply your Mira’s Hand Body Moisturiser and protect your results with one of our skin loving sunscreens throughout the day.


Ready to take your exfoliation to the next level?
Body Therapy’s exfoliating acids smooth and hydrate your skin between Kessa Mitt scrubs. Please note: we do not recommend using Body Therapy within 24hours of using your Kessa Mitt.


Suitable For

Hero Ingredients

  • Vegan Acrylic Fibers  – specifically woven to create a firm, thick exfoliating mitt, unlike other store bought mits that are soft and smooth.

What's In It

Acrylic and Vegan.

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