At Must-have skincare, skin health comes first, always.


Clean skincare

At Must-Have Skincare to us, clean skincare excludes all known and suspected skin harming ingredients. We promise to never provide products containing harmful parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial fragrances, sulfates (SLS’s), synthetic colours, formaldehyde or phthalates.

We choose clean skincare, because the health of your skin always comes first.




Whether it’s to help sustainability of our ocean reefs or using recycled packaging throughout their collections, we are proud to stock brands that have sustainability behind them.

Wherever possible, for our future generations, we source sustainable options to help reduce the build-up in our landfill and waterways. We use zero plastic, compostable postage bags and padding and constantly strive towards creating more sustainable choices.


Innovative Skincare

We promise to always provide you with cutting edge, innovative, nutrient dense and active skin products for powerful results.

We will always personally trial on ourselves and test in our skin clinic all products to ensure they meet our high standards and provide real skin changes before we recommend it to you.



Expert Skin Advice

We pride ourselves on our decades of hands on skin experience and skin science qualifications, this allows us to help people just like you, love the skin you’re in. Our passion for everything skin, pushes us to re-invent the boundaries of traditional skincare and never settle for a mundane skincare routine. Our out-of-the-box skincare rituals define how we do skin differently to help you fall in love with consistently taking care of your skin.

We promise to always have fresh, fun and exciting skincare and skin rituals to continue to push your skin results to the next level.



As animal lovers ourselves, we only stock products that are cruelty-free and we will never compromise on this. Cruelty-free means individual ingredients and the end product, don’t injure animals in any way. We are also proud to stock a large range of vegan friendly products, meaning there are zero animal products or by-product ingredients in them.

We are not marketers and promise to never promote in a way that doesn’t provide realistic expectations of a products results. As you can see on most of our product pages, we love showcasing our clients with real skin concerns from The Aesthetic Lounge and none of our before and after images have been touched up in any way.

We are an official stockist of all skincare brands on this site, meaning none of our products are cheap knock-offs you may find on other sites. We order in small batches and keep the skincare in a climate controlled environment to ensure it’s always as fresh as possible.

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