Lana & Yasmine, skin experts from The Aesthetic Lounge, have been working with skin conditions for over 40 years and they tell us an alarming percentage of their clients think they have dry skin, when they are actually dehydrated. These skin savvy ladies guide us through a few simple steps to help you uncover whether you have dry or dehydrated skin and what products you must-have.


Lana reveals, it’s a common misconception she hears all too often, that dry and dehydrated skin are the same thing, when in fact they are very different. Not addressing these skin concerns individually will leave your skin looking dull, aged and tired and feeling rough and irritated. What’s even worse, using the incorrect skincare will lead to more problematic skin concerns from breakouts to redness to sensitivity and even compromised skin! 

Yasmine explains, all dry skins need oil replenishment whilst dehydrated skins require water (aka hydration). Skincare that combats dryness or dehydration are very different in their formulations, where they sit within the skin layers and how they create change to resolve your skin woes.


Let’s Test It! Are You Dry or Dehydrated?

Lana tells us, that determining whether you are dehydrated, dry or perhaps both is the secret to successfully achieving great skin fast. So do as the skin experts do and follow these simple steps to discover your skin’s needs.

  1. Gently wash your face with a mild cleanser and tepid water, then pat dry.
  2. Wait 30 minutes (have a boogie, a cuppa, or rally the children).
  3. Now listen to your skin…Look And Feel. 

Look in the mirror, what can you see?

  1. Dehydrated skin will look shiny from the pulling skin that creates very fine wrinkles or pull lines. Make a face, the fine lines will pull tighter and look worse.
  2. Dry skin may look pink, flushed, flaky or dull with no oily shine at all.  

Touch your skin, what can you feel?

  1. Dehydrated skin may feel either like fine tissue paper or like a thin plastic film is sitting over your skin. Remember you can be oily and dehydrated at the same time
  2. Dry skin will feel like it’s pulling tight, squeaky clean, itchy, taught or even irritated. To touch it, it’s texture can feel a little rough.

And if you couldn’t wait the 30 minutes because you absolutely thought your skin was going to pull so tight it’d crack open then you are both dry and dehydrated, Yasmine knows, she has been there.

Now you know your skin condition, it’s time for the fun part. Explore these skincare must-haves and skin secrets to restore radiance to dry skin and quench the thirst of dehydration.


Both dry and dehydrated skins will love the benefits of an oil based cleanser. Lana loves Bio Cleansing Oil for dry skin and Purity Solution for both dehydrated and dry, including breakout-prone.


Opting for hydrating exfoliants that gently polish your dry or dehydrated skin smooth is a better option than a granular scrub. Superfruit Enzymes is their go-to for a weekly buff for dehydrated skins and Defy to nourish and exfoliate while you sleep. However, if your skin is sensitive, steer clear of all exfoliating products until your skin is no longer feeling irritated.


Layering serums high in vitamins B, C and hyaluronic acid will drip feed active ingredients to correct dehydration. Yasmine loves Super Proof B3, Extreme B17, Hydra-C Mist and Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum to quench dehydrated skins. Also a must for dry skins, however depending on the severity of dryness, your skin may absorb the actives faster and therefore feel irritated. It’s best to start first with a moisturiser and slowly introduce serums into the mix once your skin is stronger. 


Restore dry skin with nourishing moisturisers rich in protective essential fatty acids and skin loving oils. Dry skins will love Phytostat 9, Cell Therapy and Plasma Repair.





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