Break-free From Your Congested Spring Skin 

Yay! Spring is in the air! As Spring starts, you’ll emerge from your winter hibernation and into the great outdoors. However, with the strong winds, blooming flowers and fresh cut grass your skin quickly becomes dehydrated. You will start to notice your skin becoming more congested and breakout prone as the combination of dehydration, being more active and the warmer weather.


Our Dermal Clinician’s Lana & Yasmine, aka skin experts, have over 40 years experience and are all too familiar with how changes in the weather can wreak havoc on your skin. A change in season is a breath of fresh air, however Spring brings with it strong pollen laced winds and allergies. The solution to ensure you come out glowing is a change in your skincare ritual. Rest assured, with our high performance skincare and skin secrets, you will breeze through Spring and love your skin this season.


Breakouts? Congestion? Dehydrated?…You Have Spring Skin.

Naturally as the weather becomes warmer, you will want to go out to BBQs, races and parties. Don’t let your lumpy, bumpy breakouts take control of your skin confidence and ruin your fun party vibes, simply follow these spring skin tips for a blemish-free complexion you’ll want to show off!

♡ Drink Water

♡ Change up your cleanser with AHAs

♡ Exfoliate with detoxifying enzymes and clays

♡ Fight bacteria with an anti-bacterial serum

♡ Reduce irritated & red pimples with an anti-inflammatory serum

♡ Hydrators rich in good oils will protect breakout prone skins.


During Spring, it is vital to switch up your skincare ritual, as the texture and weight of the skincare products your skin loved in Winter are becoming too heavy and your focus needs to change to anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and de-stressing skincare ingredients to keep your skin clear throughout Spring.


Now is the time to introduce an exfoliating cleanser as your second cleanse in your skincare ritual. This ensures a thorough skin clean to  remove your daily build-up that creates congestion and breakouts. We love using Purity Solution and AHA Exfoliating Cleanser.


Detoxifying clay masks that include hydrating AHAs and enzymes are a great way to change up your exfoliating ritual, use them as a cleanser or leave them on for longer for longer as a deep mask. We love Detox Activated Charcoal Mask, Deep Thermal Cleanser and Superfruit Enzymes.


Focus on layering serums high in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, antibacterial extracts and oil regulating vitamins that will feed and support your skin. We love Super Proof B3, Jungle Brew and Dual Action Redness Relief.


Finally lock everything in with a hydrator designed for blemish prone skin rich in essential fatty acids. We love Skin Hydration Complex, Phytostat 9, Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum and Red-Less 21.





Written by Yasmine & Lana – Cosmetic Dermal Therapists

Our Dermal Clinician’s Yasmine & Lana, aka skin experts, have over 40 years combined experience and for more than a decade they have been helping people transform their skin from their Melbourne skin clinic, The Aesthetic Lounge. Their results driven treatments, expert advice and high performance skincare is why their clients choose and trust them.
With their insider skin secrets, discover how you can achieve good skin days.

“incase you didn’t know – skin is their obsession”