6 Summer Ready Skin Tips That Won’t Leave You A Greasy Mess

With Summer just around the corner, you will find yourself wanting to emerge into the long, hot summer days. But don’t let the damaging, ageing and ….effects of the suns radiation stop you, instead change up your skincare ritual with these must-have sun safe habits and you’ll be enjoying the sunshine and loving your skin in no time!


Our Dermal Clinician’s Lana & Yasmine, aka skin experts, have over 40 years experience and are all too familiar with how changes in the weather can wreak havoc on your skin and catch you by surprise. A change in season is a breath of fresh air, however Summer brings with it long, hot days and strong breezes. The solution to ensure you make it through Summer without the sun damage is a few simple changes to your skincare ritual. Rest assured, with our high performance skincare and skin secrets, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors and love your skin this season.


Yes it’s true, too much of any one thing is bad for us. Too much time out in the sun, especially unprotected may be fun for now, but not only will it leave you feeling dehydrated, dull and pigmented, but as time passes it will also cause premature ageing (that’s wrinkled old leathery skin) but as we are all too aware of nowadays, it can even cause life threatening skin cancers…on a side note, when is the last time you had a full skin check with a Melanographer? 


Ok so enough of the doom and gloom, we have the skincare products that will transform your summer-time skin habits and not leave you a blistering hot mess.


  1. Sunscreen, sunblock, SPF 30, SPF 50 – it doesn’t matter – you need it!

    If you can answer yes to these 2 question, then you need to wear sunscreen
    1. Do you have a face?
    2. Are you alive?

    Yasmine’s hot tip for staying protected all day long, is to find a sunscreen you LOVE! They do exist, we promise! Sunscreen tech has come a long way from the greasy, white sunscreens and zincs of the 80s, they come in all different shades, tints, consistencies, SPF ratings. We have compiled our must-have, and they are must-have because unlike others they are all protect from UVA and UVB rays, are water resistant and good for your skin.
    For a vegan sunscreen we love P4O SPF 50+ Vegan Sunscreen, for your body we recommend P4O SPF 30 Nourish Sunscreen, for post in-clinic treatments you need Clairderm Daily Defence SPF 50 Lotion, and for dry skin or if you don’t like the smell of sunscreen then you’ll love Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF 50.

  2. Slip Slop Slap!

    Now I thought everyone knew what this meant, but as it appears, we are children of the 80s and many younger generations have absolutely no idea what we are talking about. But this is really the only way to ensure you stay protected all day long. So slip on a gorgeous caftan, slop on your must-have sunscreen, slap on your widest brimmed statement straw hat, seek an Instagram worthy shaded area and slide on your I’m a celebrity sunglasses.

  3. Don’t Forget Your Lips.

    Now everything is protected except your lips! They can quickly become chapped, dry, whitened, pigmented and thin out – sounds great?! Don’t worry we have your lips protected too with these summer must-haves; Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF 15 lip balm in colour Buff for the totally-in nude look, PCA Peptide Lip Therapy for a sheer, every minute of the day lip balm that rejuvenates ageing lips and fills in the fine lines – and yes we highly recommend one for your car, hand bag and husband!

  4. Stay Hydrated.

    This includes internal hydration and hydrating your skin externally. If you don’t like plain water try pimping it up a bit by adding some summer fruit, big ice cubes or a splash of mineral water to add some effervescence, pour it into a large jug and enjoy. Now that your internal organs are quenched and hydrated, don’t forget to hydrate your face. Here are our go-to products for summer long hydrated skin, without the grease and that won’t cause you to have the upper lip sweats or a forehead oil slick…
    For seriously dehydrated and weathered skin PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum will instantly give your skin the hydration surge it needs.
    For problematic skins prone to congestion Société Skin Hydration Complex is super-light with a super-silky finish.
    For the more sensitive skin types, itchy inflamed eczema or even for men, the barely there PCA ReBalance will be your must-have summer time moisturiser.

  5. Avoid The Scars.

    Don’t scratch those mosquito and fly bites, as they will leave scars for years. The best way to avoid scratching the itch is to avoid getting bitten in the first place. However, a client of ours discovered, keeping a bottle of Aspect Soothing Gel in the fridge and applying as often as needed to those itchy bites, will take away the heat, sting and itch.

  6. Last But Not Least…

    Don’t forget your body. If you haven’t tried Aspects new body moisturiser Pigment Punch Body, to prevent pigmentation and hydrate, then you must get your hands on this value packed, body sized tube of magical cream. It smells like fresh oranges and goes on like silk to leave your skin firm, healthy and glowing all day long, without the grease factor. We love this moisturiser for all skin types and body areas, however avoid using it over any breakout-prone body areas.



Written by Yasmine & Lana – Cosmetic Dermal Therapists

Our Dermal Clinician’s Yasmine & Lana, aka skin experts, have over 40 years combined experience and for more than a decade they have been helping people transform their skin from their Melbourne skin clinic, The Aesthetic Lounge. Their results driven treatments, expert advice and high performance skincare is why their clients choose and trust them.
With their insider skin secrets, discover how you can achieve good skin days.

“incase you didn’t know – skin is their obsession”